Contactless Payments

Here at Oldham Vending we now facilitate contactless payment systems.

If your staff have no cash on them, there’s no need to worry, they can still buy from our vending machines at a tap of your contactless enabled credit or debit card.

woman at vending machine
What does cashless payment system look like?
Quick, secure and easy payments

Transactions complete quickly through a remote mobile link to our payment system

No need for chip and pin, just wave and pay

Totally contact-free payments, ideal given heightened worries due to Covid 19

Use your mobile phone with Apple and Android pay

If you don’t have your wallet, you can pay on your mobile

Upgrading coin-operated machines

The Oldham Vending Services team of technicians can quickly upgrade the coin mechanism of any Cashflow 7000 and newer machines across Manchester and North West England. Unfortunately, older machines will need to be replaced. A one-off engineer site visit fee of £65 plus £9.95 per machine. Our technicians provide a 3-month software guarantee on all updates.

What does it look like?

The latest Technology in card readers enable quick and secure payments

  • Apple pay & Android Pay
  • No need for chip and pin
  • Contactless / Wave & Pay
  • Mobile Phone Payment

Great choice of products at good price drinks always nice and chilled

Terry Donnel Music Magpie

Hi everyone, just a quick review for anyone looking at getting vending machines well look no further just contact Oldham Vending services for the tasty option, working with those who supply the treats they won’t only gift you a smooth and winning vending service but they are also a 5 star group who are welcome in my extra mile club anytime, these peeps are legends, they act on what you like, they are fresh, on time, and my favourite one easy to talk to, nothing like a little customer service excellence, its a yes from me! 100 percent and im not joking!

Lee #TopMan and thats not all….you can also tweet them @Oldhamvending and follow their instagram and be a part of their facebook page like i am for all the competitions so thats my quick review, tell your friends and don’t miss out.

David Hunt Stagecoach Northern

Oldham Vending and I crossed paths after the first lockdown and i can’t praise them enough, Alex and his team give you exactly what you need and don’t try and sell you what you don’t. food is always fresh and tastes amazing. Machines all work perfectly with no faults, contactless payment and even an option of staff recognition fobs for employees. The team are always on time for restocking and easy to talk to which is great. honestly don’t miss out, give them a call for your vending needs. 

Lee Bramham Tetrosyl